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a josh hutcherson fan (and stan) community.

Greetings from Mellark's Bakery.

This community intends to be just as sweet and friendly as Josh himself so please ask yourself if you really are a J HUTCH fan before you join. Any shame/bashing towards Josh or the dedicated members of this community will not be tolerated. You can post anything Josh-related here and we promise we'll accept your post as soon as possible. Please be aware of the rules before you join and do not hesitate to ask one of the mods if you have any questions!

Posts are locked and membership is currently moderated.

The Rules and Guidelines (as as of 5/07/12)

1.) Membership Membership is currently moderated. Journals deemed too inactive/new will likely be rejected without a voucher from a current member you are friends with already. Please feel free to contact a mod if you have any questions!

2. Posting: Please check to see if your entry has already been posted! This is a Josh-centric community, but news on his projects (casting, directors, etc) is welcomed! Off-topic entries are occasionally welcomed as well. All posts will go into the moderation queue and mods reserve the right to reject content they do not deem appropriate. If your entry is big enough to take over the whole page then it should be placed behind a cut. This includes:

- More than one video
- Numerous pictures and ones that are over 600px
- Long interviews and articles

And don't forget to check the tags/tag your posts when posting! If you don't know how to make an lj-cut, go here!

3. Spoilers: Anything that could be deemed 'spoilery' should be placed behind a cut with a warning! Not everyone is a fan of them, so please be considerate and use spoiler cuts/tags when it comes to articles and pictures. If you're not sure? Stay on the nice side and cut it anyway.

3. Sources: Unless it is original content, all posts should include the source it came from, preferably an original source and not just Tumblr content. In other words, unless its something of yours, make sure it can be traced back to a media outlet/source befoe posting - feel free to PM a mod if you have questions about this. The exception to this is, of course, youtube videos that are embedded.

- NO posting from the following web sites: AVclub.com, Chicago Tribune, X17, Deadline.com PopStar.com / ScreenStar.com /TVStar.com, Gigwise.com, AfterElton.com / AfterEllen.com / LogoOnline.com, Celebitchy.com, Celebrity Baby Blog, Celebrity Babies, IndyPosted.com, or Celebutopia.

4. Promotions/Icons/Fanfic Contact a mod before promoting things! We'll more than likely give it an 'okay', but please run it by one of us first.

5. Being an ohnotheydidnt spin-off means we're a bit more on the sassy adult side and if that bothers you, this community may not be the right fit!

- That doesn't mean you can post nudity/porn/nsfw things. Because you can't.

6. Since this is a locked comm, please don't post comments or other things exclusive to this community elsewhere!

7. While the mods are generally laidback and will let some things slide with a simple reminder, warnings will be issued over continuous rulebreaking and three warnings will get you a ban. Trolling and causing trouble is a near insta-ban.

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